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Rick and Gen Babakir Zibari, Iraqi Joint Forces Commander

Rick and Gen Babakir Zibari, Iraqi Joint Forces Commander

Fact is, when presented with the opportunity, most people fail to implement even the simplest media interview strategies and end up trying to recover from, rather than capitalize on, their media experience.

Whether you’re facing the 60 Minutes cameras or the local Tribune writer, Rick Brown Communications will teach you the strategies you need to successfully and confidently engage the media. Our customized and interactive media interview training can take place in a one-on-one or group workshop setting and we’ll give you immediately applicable strategies and tips.

We’ll conduct our own research on your organization/industry prior to training and use that intel to formulate real-world scenario questions for your on-camera interviews during training. Following your workshop, we’ll provide you with a DVD copy of your on-camera time, along with an in-depth critique of your interview and some tips on what could have been better and what should be sustained.

Gen. Zibari addressing international media

Gen. Zibari addressing international media

Our strategies are battle-proven. Our clients have appeared on all of the major news networks, including CNN, MSNBC and Fox, and have made special guest appearances at events such as the president’s State of the Union address and Presidential Inauguration. They have been interviewed from their locations around the globe, from combat zones to living rooms, by print and broadcast media outlets, in person, via satellite and over the phone.


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