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Mission Statement


We partner with visionary leaders who are committed to putting themselves, their organizations and their products in the media spotlight. Whether with the client’s voice or ours, RB Comms is committed to equipping leaders with communication strategies that will boost their confidence and credibility with the media and their client-base, positively impacting customer loyalty and the bottom line. We firmly believe that great leaders are also great communicators, and when shown the proper communication strategies, both can emerge.[break][/break][break][/break]

Mission Statement

To equip leaders with communication skills and strategies that will boost their confidence and credibility with the media and their client-base, improving customer loyalty and increasing their bottom line.[break][/break][break][/break]


  • To be our clients’ advocate and single point of contact for all media training and consulting needs in the face of rapidly moving media communications.
  • To strive for continuous improvement by measuring our performance against our customers’ expectations and industry standards.
  • To empower and educate our customers with self-service tools and solutions.
  • To achieve recognition as the go-to media training and consulting firm in the U.S. by establishing a client-base of community, business and government leaders across the country.[break][/break][break][/break]


  • To take ownership of our customers’ trepidations and needs until they achieve the confidence and purpose they desire.
  • To understand the business of our customers so as to help them convey their intended message to their target audience 100% of the time.
  • To establish and maintain positive, long-term relationships with our customers through open communication and continuous feedback.
  • To provide high-level customer service and technical expertise.
  • To respond rapidly and positively to all customer inquiries.
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