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I have seen leaders go from good to great by simply committing to improve their skills as professional communicators. At RB Comms, we are committed to helping leaders be great.

Our Founder

Rick and CNN morning anchor John Roberts outside Baghdad, Iraq, in 2006.

The founder of Rick Brown Communications is a decorated 20-year combat veteran of the U.S. Army with 25 years of experience in broadcast and print media. He has logged more than 20,000 hours “on the air”, behind the camera and in the production studio in radio, television and voice over, and more than 25,000 hours teaching others how to effectively engage the media, with thousands more in an advisory role.

Fortunate to work in and around the Public Affairs community for his entire military career, Rick has worked with and trained some of the military’s senior-most leaders, and those of the international community, including Iraq’s Ministry of Defense and National Security Agency, and has worked with top media professionals from all of the major news networks.

He has been heard and seen on commercial radio and television from L.A. to D.C., and throughout the U.S. Department of Defense from Alaska to Eastern Europe, including professional appearances during U.S. and German state celebrations. He has shared air-time with major sports figures, Hollywood celebrities and political luminaries and has earned several awards for his on-air work and production.

Rick’s video and still photography and news articles have been used by print, television and Internet news organizations worldwide and have covered senior U.S. and international government and military leaders.

He is respected for his combination of candidness, tact and professionalism as demonstrated by being the only non-commissioned officer to-date ever assigned to the Department of the Army’s prestigious Executive Communications team where he provided one-on-one senior leader communications training to flag officers from every military branch, as well as the federal senior executive service ranks – a distinction that has earned him both respect and accolades from many of today’s top military and civilian executive leaders.

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