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American Distrust in the Media

American Distrust in the Media

New Gallup Poll Shows Americans Don’t Trust the Media to Report the News Accurately

Probably not a surprise to many, but Gallup has just released a new poll showing record numbers in Americans’ distrust of the media.

Many point to the presidential election season and what Rob Reutaman calls “advocacy media” as a key factor in our distrust (you can read more on that at PR Daily)

“The degree of cheerleading that parades as news reporting is shocking even to a veteran journalist.”  – Rob Reuteman, Colorado State University adjunct journalism professor

But as a spokesperson who has a message to get out to your audience, how does this work in your favor?

Be a trusted resource. To both your audience and to journalists. Clearly, the latter needs it and the former wants it.

As the media industry works to earn back trust, they’ll need people like you who they know they can depend on to provide them with the story they need.

If the media needs a story, and you have a story to tell – about your business/organization, your latest project, your handling of a key issue, etc. – don’t be afraid to tell it.

If you don’t, your audience, your clients, your prospective customer-base, will never know your take on the issue. If they don’t know your take on the issue, do they even know you exist?

If someone else tells the story without your input – key input that would change the media’s story – isn’t your audience likely to listen to their story and act accordingly?

You’re giving your power away. And your client-base.

Don’t knee-jerk it or approach the media half-heartidly. Preparation is key. Know what your messages are. Know how you want to deliver them and know how they will be received by your audience.

Know what all the issues are and don’t ignore the tough ones in favor of the easier ones. Expect the tough questions and be prepared to address them, then move on to your messages.

See more of the Gallup poll here.


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